What is Tikkun Olam?

Tikkun Olam (literally, “world repair”) has come to connote social action and the pursuit of social justice. Tikkun Olam is a key element of the Union for Progressive Judaism (UPJ) mission statement. The UPJ and its members, including Brisbane Progressive Jewish Congregation, support a range of projects in Australia and around the world. This page has been developed to provide a portal for our members and supporters to access some of these projects and other organisations who contribute to Tikkun Olam. As we become aware of projects, new links will be added. If you know of a new program, or would like us to add a link to an existing project, please contact us.

The following paragraphs give information on some Tikkun Olam-based activities you may wish to support.


Jewish Aid Australia (JAA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated  to pursuing social justice for disadvantaged communities in Australia and overseas. JAA enables people to realise and practice the core Jewish concepts of Tzedakah (justice), Chessed (kindness) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). Jewish values urge us to question injustice, act, and take collective responsibility. JAA sparks and sustains social change by channelling the unlimited passion and potential of Jewish change-makers into action for a more just world. Volunteering with JAA is an avenue for Jews, who are passionate about community and international development, to work through a Jewish aid organisation.



Queensland Jewish Community Services Inc. provides welfare services for people in the Jewish community. We respond to enquiries from the community by giving information, referring clients to the relevant Government departments, organisation or professional person to assist them. If needed, we support clients in their interaction with these services. Where appropriate, we provide practical assistance as well. Our work includes:

  • Providing client support and advocacy at the Police, Courts and Government Departments;
  • Visiting correctional facilities to assist determining the needs of Jewish prisoners;
  • Finding legal representation and support to those exposed to abuse, domestic violence and discrimination;
  • Providing initial contact and assistance to access services for clients with mental health issues;
  • Helping purchase medical equipment for people to maintain a level of independence in their homes;
  • Providing transport to people who need to attend medical procedures and appointments; and
  • Doing our best in a professional caring manner.



Tevel b’Tzedek  (Earth – In Justice) is an Israel-based non-profit organization promoting social and environmental justice. Our mission is to create a community of Israeli and Diaspora Jews engaging in the urgent issues of global poverty, marginalization and environmental devastation from a place of deep commitment to the Jewish people and its ethical and spiritual traditions.



Union for Progressive Judaism Social Action – Mazon Appeal. At Mazon, we recognise that even in our lucky country the homeless and unemployed, the elderly, single parents and the working poor suffer from food insecurity.  And the numbers are growing. With this in mind Mazon runs an annual Mazon Food Bag Appeal at Rosh Hashanah as a direct means of getting food to those who need it most. Mazon also collects funds throughout the year and runs an annual Pesach appeal.  We encourage people to donate a nominal 3% of the cost of the catering at a simcha to Mazon. To find out more, to get involved or to donate funds, contact the UPJ office at (02) 9328 7644.


ZFA Israel Programs is the information centre for Australian Israel Program participants. We’re based in Melbourne, and are available to participants from across Australia.We are proud to partner the long-term scholarship fund MASA Israel Journey, AZYC, AUJS Israel Programs, Taglit-Birthright Israel and Chabad on Campus to send over 600 participants to Israel each year.

Brendan Bensky
Israel Programs Coordinator

Shani Gershon
MASA Representative

UIA Progressive Trust

BPJC encourages our members and supporters to donate to the UIA Progressive Trust. The UPJ benefits from a proportion of the total collected. Please ensure that your donations are clearly marked FOR THE UIA PROGRESSIVE TRUST. The money that is returned to the UPJ helps keep the UPJ going throughout the year providing services for affiliates, keeping in contact with and influencing world Progressive Jewish developments etc.Donations can be made online (credit card) by at the Queensland UIA website. Simply enter the relevant details of the donation and in the comments section put in the words FOR THE UIA PROGRESSIVE JEWISH TRUST. By donating to the UIA Appeal Progressive Jewish Trust we assist projects in Israel as well as provide a measure of support for the Union for Progressive Judaism. The UIA Appeal accepts donations at any time

It is our belief that, together, we can give local donors the satisfaction of providing meaningful help to those in real need and, at the same time, help create a pluralistic and secure Israel as a partner in securing Jewish life and community for many years to come.

We encourage you to read the article Renew Your Links Witrh Israel.