Netzer is a youth movement committed to encouraging individuality, critical thinking and personal growth through developing an ideological community of knowledgeable, empowered youth.

What is Netzer Australia?

Netzer Australia (Inc) is the Zionist Youth Movement of the Progressive Jewish Community of Australia. We are part of an expanding world-wide movement, with Netzer branches in Israel, Europe, North and South America (we are in fact the largest Zionist youth movement in the world as of 2004). We are also expanding within Australia-we have chanichim (participants) in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Through the use of informal education, youth lead youth in realizing their Jewish identity in activities that are both fun and intellectually challenging . Our vision is realized through education on and personal engagement with Israel, progressive Judaism and the principles of Tikkun Olam (healing the world). Netzer aims to empower the youth and encourage them to be active participants in the Progressive community.

Netzer is a world-wide movement which is affiliated with the World Union for Progressive Judaism and has branches (sniffim) in twelve countries. Activities are run out of the Progressive Synagogues in Sydney, Melbourne,

What do we do?

• weekly/tri-termly meetings/activities (depending on city)
• Summer and winter camps
• Celebrations for Jewish festivals
• Israeli cultural events
• Social functions
• Shabbat services
• Active social action activities / projects
• Year 10 intensive leadership training
• Year 11 leadership experience

Shnat Netzer

Shnat Netzer is a ten month leadership gap year program encompassing participants from all over Australia and South Africa. Shnat Netzer involves independent living, intensive education from top Israeli educators, volunteering, sightseeing in Israel, working on a kibbutz (an agricultural community) and so much more. The Shnat Netzer program is designed to not only be a fantastic year of self development and growth, but to equip participants with all the tools they need to be the future leadership of Netzer and the wider Jewish community. The program is also an opportunity for the participants to engage fully with Netzer’s ideology and explore how they want to live their lives, formulating a personal Jewish Identity and connection with Israel.

Who runs Netzer in Australia?

Netzer Sydney is run by skilled volunteer youth leaders (madrichim) of university age who have completed intensive leadership training and education. Additionally there is a board elected each year with a Federal chairman, treasurer, director of education and Shnat coordinator, as well as a state chairman, treasurer, public relations chair and director of education. Netzer Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide also have each an adult Israeli Shaliach/shlichah (emissary) who is a resource and guide for the organisation.

Contacting Netzer

Federal Merakez/et (Head of Netzer Australia) – [email protected]
Sydney Mazkir/a (Sydney chairman) – [email protected]
Melbourne Mazkir/a (Melbourne chairman)- [email protected]
Perth Mazkir/a (Perth chairman)- [email protected]
Adelaide Mazkir/a (Adelaide chairman) – [email protected]
Or, visit their website