Kabbalat Shabbat Supplies Shlepper
Monday, October 10th, 2011 | Author:
The job: Transport supplies from Coorparoo to Fig Tree Pocket and back
Why it is important: so siddurim, kiddush supplies and paper goods are available
Time commitment: less than 1 hour, up to five times per year
Number of people required: 1
Skills needed: physical strength
access to a car
ability to collect supplies from Coorparoo at the previous Shabbat service, deliver them to Fig Tree Pocket up to one hour prior to the service, and return them to Coorparoo for the next Shabbat service.
Training (if needed) will take place: Via written instructions
What’s in it for you? it’s a mitzvah  yummy food, assuming you stay for dinneryou’ll feel connected to the BPJC community
Contact: Secretary
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