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The Union for Progressive Judaism(UPJ) used its October 2008 biennial to announce the adoption of the newofficial siddur, a special World Union Edition of Mishkan T’filah, the new prayer book of the URJ, North America’s Reform movement. It introduced the prayer book to all affiliates during 2010, the UPJ’s 80th anniversary year.

Since 1975, the region’s congregations had been using Gates of Prayer. We are very excited to now have a prayer book specifically designed by our Rabbinical Council for Australian Progressive congregations.

The World Union Edition of the long awaited and warmly received successor to Gates of Prayer, has been adapted in our region for the needs of our region. Designed and composed for compelling, meaningful and spiritual worship, Mishkan T’filah will become the authentic voice of Progressive Judaism for the twenty-first century.

  • Services for Shabbat, Festivals, Daily and Home use with traditional feel, yet designed for creativity.
  • A broad selection of readings including beloved passages from our Progressive liturgical tradition and great poetic writings from throughout Jewish history.
  • Faithful, contemporary, gender-inclusive English.
  • Fully transliterated on every page for inclusivity.
  • Theological and stylistic diversity.
  • Innovative design with location locator and page notes for educated choice
  • Consulting Editor Rabbi David Stein, Plaut Chumash and New Women’s Chumash

We commenced using Mishkan T’filah in November 2010.

How you can contribute

Dedicating a congregational copy of Mishkan T’filah is a wonderful way to support our congregation and create an enduring reminder of a loved one or special occasion. Please contact us for details.

We can obtain a personal copy for you should you wish to buy one.

We also have protective covers for sale at $5 each.

Please contact the Secretary now to arrange a dedication, book purchase or if you wish to purchase a protective cover.

The job: Help to set up and pack up Kabbalat Shabbat services
Why it is important: We can’t conduct a service without chairs and kiddush
Time commitment: About 1 hour before and 1 hour after the service
ZFA Israel Programs is the information centre for Australian Israel Program participants. We’re based in Melbourne, and are available to participants from across Australia.

We are proud to partner the long-term scholarship fund MASA Israel Journey, AZYC, AUJS Israel Programs, Taglit-Birthright Israel and Chabad on Campus to send over 600 participants to Israel each year.

Brendan Bensky
Israel Programs Coordinator

Shani Gershon
MASA Representative

The first version of ‘21 Questions and Answers about Progressive Judaism’ was printed in 1969 and edited before being reissued in the 1990s. The Jewish community in our region has grown and so has our list of topics! Perhaps it is a reflection of the fact that our own congregational union has developed and that it now has affiliates beyond the shores of Australia and New Zealand. Israel is even more central to Jewish life than it was a generation ago. Our community is more open to religious questions. Paradoxically, the world Jewish community has seen a parallel growth in the influence of the ultra-Orthodox and Jewish secularism. Both liberal Judaism and mainstream orthodoxy have changed and there are new, and possibly more profound, points at issue. 
We would like to put you in touch with articles and news items that we believe to be relevant to you as a religious Zionist. If you wish to give us feedback on these articles and/or tell us what other information you would like to receive from, and about, ARZA please email

For all the latest ARZA news visit the website 

Gal Chadash is the voice of the Union for Progressive Judaism. It features editorials from Steve Denenberg, David Robinson and others as well as news from around the region and the world of Progressive Judaism. Click here to go to the Gal Chadash page on the UPJ website.
Download a fascinating guide to Jewish burials at Toowong Cemetery. The document was written in 1998 by Morris S. Ochert OAM Queensland Researcher, Australian Jewish Historical Society and edited by Hilda Maclean from Friends of Toowong Cemetery.
BPJC welcomes and supports all Jewish students visiting or studying in Brisbane. All students are welcome to attend our services and festivals. We offer discounted entry to our events and can also help with transport. BPJC can provide students with chaplaincy and advocacy support through the wider community. Leadership opportunities are available within our congregation and the wider Brisbane Jewish community through our affiliations with Queensland Jewish Board of Deputies, State Zionist Council of Queensland and other community groups.
The objects of QAJEX include: 
To perpetuate and honour the memory of all service personnel who served, including those who died during or since service.

To protect the interests and advance the welfare of all Jewish ex-service persons and their dependants.

To represent officially Jewish Ex-Service persons in all matters affecting the Association.

The Association needs your support to continue this important service to our community. Please contact us if you would like further information.


In October, 2008, the Council of Progressive Rabbis of Australia, New Zealand & Asia (the Moetzah) passed a resolution confirming and clarifying its position to accept the presumptive Jewish status of a child born of a Jewish father and non-Jewish mother.  This has been the position of the Moetzah since the US Reform movement made its decision about “patrilineal descent” in 1983.  The Moetzah clarified that each rabbi will determine a child’s status (as in the case of conversion) and that such status is based upon exclusive identification with Judaism. Please download the complete article by Steve Denenberg and Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins for more details.
BPJC encourages our members and supporters to donate to the UIA Progressive Trust. The UPJ benefits from a proportion of the total collected. Please ensure that your donations are clearly marked FOR THE UIA PROGRESSIVE TRUST. The money that is returned to the UPJ helps keep the UPJ going throughout the year providing services for affiliates, keeping in contact with and influencing world Progressive Jewish developments etc.

Donations can be made online (credit card) by at the Queensland UIA website. Simply enter the relevant details of the donation and in the comments section put in the words FOR THE UIA PROGRESSIVE JEWISH TRUST. By donating to the UIA Appeal Progressive Jewish Trust we assist projects in Israel as well as provide a measure of support for the Union for Progressive Judaism. The UIA Appeal accepts donations at any time

It is our belief that, together, we can give local donors the satisfaction of providing meaningful help to those in real need and, at the same time, help create a pluralistic and secure Israel as a partner in securing Jewish life and community for many years to come.  

We encourage you to read the article Renew Your Links Witrh Israel. 


Netzer is a youth movement committed to encouraging individuality, critical thinking and personal growth through developing an ideological community of knowledgeable, empowered youth.

What is Netzer Australia?

Netzer Australia (Inc) is the Zionist Youth Movement of the Progressive Jewish Community of Australia. We are part of an expanding world-wide movement, with Netzer branches in Israel, Europe, North and South America (we are in fact the largest Zionist youth movement in the world as of 2004). We are also expanding within Australia-we have chanichim (participants) in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

What does QJCS do in the community?

They respond to enquiries from the community by giving information, referring clients to the relevant Government Departments, organisation or professional person to assist them. If needed, they support clients in their interaction with these services. Where appropriate, they provide practical assistance as well.

  • Provide client support and advocacy at the Police, Courts and Government Departments;
  • Visit correctional facilities to assist determining the needs of Jewish prisoners;
  • Find legal representation and support to those exposed to abuse, domestic violence and discrimination;
  • Initial contact and assistance to access services for clients with mental health issues;
  • Help purchase medical equipment for people to maintain a level of independence in their homes;
  • Provide transport to people who need to attend medical procedures and appointments;
  • Doing their best in a professional caring manner.

For more information, go to the QJCS homepage


BPJC can supply fresh, kosher popcorn to our community here in Brisbane. Our machine and product are certified by Kosher Queensland.

We can provide our machine and operator for community events or private functions. Please contact our Secretary for details.


As a young congregation, we try to stretch our budget as far as possible. You can help us by donating money to help continue our work in the community.

JNF Queensland publishes a monthly newsletter, Shalom, to inform the local Jewish community of social gatherings, fund raising activities and general interest news items. To subscribe to this publication, email the editor.
For the past 47 years AUJS has been sending young Australasian Jews to Israel on the trips of their lives. This year is no different. AUJS is committed to sending Jewish students to Israel on fun, educational and meaningful programs. The life changing experiences that AUJS provides Jewish students get are unparalleled from other short-term program offered around the world. Full details are available here.
BPJC hosts family-oriented functions for most festivals throughout the year. Please check back regularly.

We will never turn anyone away from a BPJC event due to financial hardship. Please contact our Treasurer to confidentially resolve any concerns you may have.

Visitors to Brisbane: Visitors to Brisbane are always welcome at our events. BPJC extends member privileges to visiting members of other congregations. Please contact the Secretary to ensure we reserve a place for you or for assistance with transportation.

For details on how you can participate in our festivals and functions as a volunteer, click here.

Our Jewish discussion groups are held after Shabbat services and are proving very popular and informative. Please feel free to come along and just listen if you wish but your participation is most welcome. The sessions are an informal way to get to know some new people and expand your views on a range of religious and secular topics.

Anyone interested in leading a discussion topic, please contact the Secretary.